Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Hello again! Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

These past two weeks at Heartbeats Women’s Center has been crazy but in an awesome way. Between the morning sit downs and devotions with co-workers to the sore necks from working on our computers and making phone calls, as the band Bachman-Turner Overdrive would say, we are “Takin’ Care Of Business.” These past few weeks I have dove into all the projects that were assigned to me at the beginning of my journey here at Heartbeats. Let me tell you, it has been awesome being able to put my knowledge from Appalachian State University into a real world nonprofit. Being able to edit and create different surveys, programs and strategies for Heartbeats with the education I have gotten from App is a feeling that is unexplainable, and makes you think all that college debt was worth it.

Some exciting things that happened last week and this week, I finished my first tax exemption form ever and I’m feeling pretty good about it honestly. I had never done anything like it before so fingers crossed I filled it out correctly. The editing of surveys I have been working on is almost complete and this will help the pregnancy center figure out if their services are truly helping their clients and if the clients have any suggestions they can voice them. Heartbeats just got some new retractable banners that they can use at different events they have for you Donor’s so, be on the lookout for them because they look spectacular! Also, we got new t-shirts in for our employees to all look the same and in uniform for when the clients visit the center, and they are so pretty (they match my skin tone perfectly)! We are still working to get a West Lincoln location for our Medical Mobil Unit but, Crystal Regan (the executive director), might have something up her sleeve so hopefully the next time I blog I’ll let you know where our 5th meeting point will be for the MMU!

Last but not least, from the staff here at Heartbeats we would just like to give a quick thank you to all of those who supports us and what we do! Without you all we would not be able to help the people of Lincoln County and the surrounding communities who need our services and we thank God everyday for the opportunity to do so. Since the time I have been here there is a bright light that shines through the walls of this facility everyday. A light that brings hope to people who are looking just for a glimpse of it. It has been an amazing few weeks working with Crystal Regan and shadowing her while she puts her heart in soul in what God has called her to do. I am so thankful for the chance to work here and gain real-world experience from people that are so helpful, dedicated and passionate.

Like I said I will be posting every other week so come back for more fun information about the day to day activities I engage in at heartbeats.

Peace and Blessings,

Madelyn Holmes