Changing Hearts, Saving Lives

At Heartbeats we work hard to create an environment where women feel safe and comfortable. From the colors on the walls, to the smile at the front desk, our goal is to care for 2 heartbeats, because Both matter.


1. Pregnancy Tests

Medical grade pregnancy tests and accurate information from a licensed medical professional.

2. Ultrasounds

A window into the womb to confirm pregnancy viability.

3. Options

Carry the baby to term and parent.  We are a support system for each woman who chooses life, offering a variety of classes and material items to help her along her journey of raising a child.

Carry the baby to term and make an adoption plan.  Some of our clients have found an adoption plan to be the best solution.  Most choose the adoptive parents and remain an active part in the child’s life.

4. Abortion

Heartbeats does not provide or refer for abortion.  We do, however, provide vital statistics and information about abortion to clients.  We also offer referrals to post-abortion recovery for any woman looking for Peace from a past abortion decision.

5. Referrals

Heartbeats also assists clients by referring them to community agencies, physicians, lawyers, continuing education programs and social services.