The 80% Rule to Changing Hearts

According to national statistics, if a woman finds her way to a local pregnancy center first, an ultrasound will encourage her to make a life-affirming decision 80% of the time. If her first stop is an abortion clinic, she will choose abortion 80% of the time. The question is, where will she go first? Being available and accessible to these potential clients is something Heartbeats takes very seriously.

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Our ministry exists to assist women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy to carry to term.  Most of the people that find our ministry are related to an unplanned pregnancy in some way.  Whether they are scared they may be pregnant and need answers, have experienced a past abortion and are looking for healing, or looking for information to help a friend, Heartbeats is ready to meet them exactly where they are, access their needs and share hope without judgement or condemnation.  By offering referrals for post abortion healing, Heartbeats can serve those impacted by abortion by helping them find forgiveness and peace.  If you or someone you know is struggling with a past abortion decision, we are here to help.  Click here for more information on our Post Abortion Bible Study referral, Forgiven and Set Free referral.  Begin the healing.



The clock starts ticking the moment a young woman realizes she’s pregnant. It is essential that she and the potential father of the baby make their way to Heartbeats as soon as possible. Heartbeats provides information, resources and services to empower our clients with truth and knowledge about their situation so they can make an educated choice. With our limited ultrasound services, we offer them a window into the womb and a chance to bond with their baby. But we don’t stop there. We provide ongoing support, referrals and education throughout the pregnancy to ensure the client is prepared for parenting or in the case of adoption, has a plan for her child. Should a client choose abortion anyway, and struggle afterwards, our referral to a Begin the Healing ministry is there to help them find healing.



When a young woman or couple chooses life for their unborn child, the journey is initially difficult. Many times the woman or couple do not have a great deal of physical support for their life-affirming decision. A lack of support can allow fear and doubt to cloud their decision. Heartbeats offers the support every client needs to follow through with their decision to continue life through our B3 program, a 2 year educational parenting curriculum. Our Baby Boutique provides them with material resources to support their decision. Everything the client needs for the first 2 years (and 9months) of life is available in our on-site Baby Boutique. Our advocates continue to work with them, listening and facilitating classes, assisting them in every way possible to make their child’s journey into this world as safe and secure as possible!