Abortion Recovery

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"This study gave acknowledgement and existence to my aborted child, peace, healing and a purpose to my life.  I still have pain from the loss of aborting my child but I know now that I can turn to God and his word for comfort when these emotions come.  I want everyone out there to know there is hope, there is healing, there is forgiveness through God and this bible study can show you that".  Quote from Client that went through Abortion Recovery.

Heartbeats offers referrals to small group Bible studies for anyone looking to find Peace from a past abortion.  With a maximum of four per study, women share their hearts and find forgiveness and peace through Christ.

Email heartbeatspcc@gmail.com to request information about the next study.

Reach Them

Women in our area are searching the Internet every day for abortion services. Heartbeats uses an outreach website and online advertising to reach the women most vulnerable – or even determined – to get an abortion. When they schedule appointments with our Center, we can offer them not only an introduction to their unborn child on an ultrasound screen but also the truth about abortion at an emotional, spiritual, psychological and/or physical level. In other words, we show them the truth!

Show Them

When a woman comes to Heartbeats or steps onto our Mobile Unit, we share the truth about abortion and their unborn child. The medical team at Heartbeats provides free limited ultrasounds that allow a new mother to connect with her unborn child for the first time. This usually results in a decision to carry. Our trained Client Advocates and RNs listen to their needs, educate them about their pregnancy and share the truth.

Help Them

The women who come to Heartbeats need more than just a single conversation about their situation. They often need medical referrals and support for the decisions they make. The Pregnancy Center provides the encouragement they need to continue their pregnancy as well as material and educational support. Also, for any woman who struggles with a past abortion, we offer compassion and a journey toward healing.


You Can Make A Difference

You can make a difference in ending abortion in our area. Financial gifts an important aspect of reaching and providing for women who need our services. You can also get involved as a volunteer in the Center, on the Mobile Unit or by offering other talents and resources.