Following the recent uptick in anti-abortion legislation, the pro-abortion movement has pushed for women to #ShoutYourAbortion. This is a part of their effort to normalize abortion and therefore normalize the genocide of one generation and shame of another. The pendulum of state’s legislation is swinging back and forth. However, the battle of these movements is not one of legislation but rather a battle over cultural norm. Pro-abortionists want women to feel “no shame,” so they tell them to shout their abortions. For nearly a century, the pro-abortion movement has denied the fact that abortion is innately ridden with shame. Still, they have been LOUD, RELENTLESS, and “UNASHAMED.” Women are believing these lies.

What pro-abortionist fail to acknowledge is that we are not the movement of shame. We are the movement of freedom, grace, love, family, and life. Shame is what we wish to keep women from and what we work to help women through. It is not our tactic but our enemy. Women deserve better than abortion. They deserve better than lies. They deserve better than shame.

The Let Them Live movement is calling pro-life post-abortive women to #ShoutYourAbortionToo. For every lie of normalcy there is story of regret and for every story of regret there is a story of redemption. Let’s dispute the lies. Let’s be louder. Let’s love harder. Let’s shout truth.

Holly Furches – Development Director